What People Are Saying

I like the dynamic expressionist gestural approach to your work coupled with the vibrant saturation of your colors there’s an intensity to it that’s exciting to look at!
- Bill Ferrell -
I am very pleased to have attended Tom's exhibition, he is a really free spirit. Love the work and look forward to seeing more of Tom's expression.
- Desilau -

Your work is so lively and immersive, almost felt sucked into the world of several pieces - fantastic! I'll be keeping an eye out in future.

- Sally -
Very inspiring and uplifting as ever! Always have loved your work, wishing you the best success for the future, you really deserve it, particularly Joie de Vivre.
- Chrissy -
Tom, thanks for the lesson in abstract art! Your work really resonates with me.
- Tim -
Congratulations Tom it has been a privilege meeting you.
- Tricha -