Tom is an International Contemporary Abstract Painter

Lively and immersive, vibrant and fantastic, spiritual and uplifting, an abstract world that has all the elements to beautifully suck you into the dynamics of another reality. Tom Bushnell's art is an explosion of colours that inspire the human soul to overcome the negative aspects of life.

The "wow" factor for viewers is what triggers the imagination of this contemporary painter to keep on creating masterpieces, whether a still life composition, a landscape scene or a commissioned portrait of the rich and famous.

This artist, picture after picture is destined to create a much happier universe to escape to, composed solidly of vivid colourful dreams on canvas.

Our Expert's Perspective
Curated by Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator

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What do these four artists have in common?

Tom joins Art Masters Picasso, Goya, and Miro on the platform/website.

8 of Tom's paintings have been bought by the Head of Acquisitions at Idoneus... using their cryptocurrency Idons.

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Welcome to the Tom Bushnell website. A place to view and buy paintings by the artist Tom Bushnell. All of Tom’s paintings are signed on the back, come with an authenticity certificate and include full details about the individual painting.

Tom has been commissioned to paint the portraits of the rich and famous, as well as copies of the Old Masters, animal portraits and sporting pieces, still life compositions and landscape scenes. He has exhibited with some of the leading artists of our time, including Sir Peter Blake and John Hoyland. Photos of samples of his work are stored in The National Portrait Gallery archives. Many galleries and two of the Top UK Fine Art Publishers have promoted and sold his work.

Tom is available for Abstract and Representational painting commissions, and also workshops for private or group tuition.

The Tom Bushnell Galleries

The Vincent Series

The Vincent Series
inspired by
Vincent van Gogh

Square paintings 40 inches and below

Square paintings
40 inches and below

Rectangular paintings 40 inches and below

Rectangular paintings
40 inches and below

Paintings over 40 inches

Large paintings
Square and rectangular paintings over 40 inches

Square Paintings 20 inches x 20 inches

A special collection of paintings
Square 20 inches x 20 inches

Latest paintings

Latest paintings

Two paintings framed in situ
Two of Tom's 20 inches x20 inches sold paintings, framed and in situ in the client's house.

If there is anything you would like more information about, please feel free to use the Contact page to get in touch with Tom Bushnell.